General Questions

What is Favo?

Favo is a sharing and hosting platform designed for custom trained AI art models, tools, and assets, and for users to easily experiment with cutting-edge generative technology.

What is generative art? What is an AI art model?

Generative art is art that was created (either fully or partially) by AI. An AI art model is software that has been trained to create a specific style (e.g. film photography).

As such, different models generate different images — a model for ultra-realistic photographs will bias towards creating realistic physical features, while a dystopian cyberpunk model would instead emphasize towards futuristic depictions. As you can imagine, the model you select will produce starkly distinct images and designs.

What can I buy on Favo?

We offer a variety of different AI assets to help you generate your precise creative vision, no matter how niche. You are able to purchase anything from complete model files to specific embeddings (fine tune the model) to prompts (tell the model what image to generate).

What is the Favo client?

The Favo client is a tool that allows you to run models directly on our site. Forget buying an expensive GPU or setting up a VM — everything you need is here in your hands, whether that's training your next AI model or simply making a logo.

Does Favo cost anything?

Nope — it's completely free!

Creator FAQ

How do I become a creator?

Simply sign up for an account and complete the seller onboarding form! You can find it either when you upload a model or link a Stripe account in the profile settings. All of your information and uploads are stored securely and cannot be accessed by others unless they decide to purchase your asset.

Why should I list my content exclusively on Favo?

Favo has a dedicated community of AI generated art enthusiasts ranging from graphic designers to professional software engineers that are eager to see what you have to show off to the world.

What is Favo's platform fee?

Creators keep 90% of all payments! Favo has the lowest platform fee out of all existing options.